I have been teaching the piano accordion and to a lesser extent the button accordion for over 15 years and I offer private one-to-one lessons in Oxford, where I am based, and in London and Gloucestershire (Cheltenham area) where I visit people. I will teach anybody – adults and children of all levels. I also teach small groups and workshops.

The accordion is a fascinating instrument and through learning to play it you will discover all sorts of aspects of life you never knew existed!

Student Area

I  work with all the genres of music that I play – classical, jazz, French, Italian, Klezmer, world music, folk and so on, and students’ own repertoire.  I use a variety of teaching methods and materials and I am happy working with notation or aurally.

Here are some of the things I regularly deal with in accordion lessons:

  • Posture, holding the instrument and instrument control
  • Manipulating the bellows, bellows exercises and control
  • Developing use of the left hand standard bass combined with music theory
  • Improvisation and Ornamentation
  • Arrangements of pieces for accordion in many different styles for beginners to advanced students

Chanson 48 Bass Accordion

Excelsior 120 Bass Accordion

I organize regular workshops and events where for students to participate in covering  particular aspects of accordion playing, performing, etc.  I regularly support students at music festivals e.g. Abingdon music festival, and the Accordion Art festival in Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy.

If you are a student you can enter the Password area (see below) to download educational resources for accordion and get information about workshops and other events.

I also teach piano and electronic keyboards privately in Oxford. I have previously worked around the UK for Camden Music Service, Oxford Brookes University and RNIB special educational needs colleges.

Please use the contact page to message me if you are interested in lessons or workshops.

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