I have been teaching the piano accordion for over 15 years and I offer private one-to-one lessons in Oxford, the Cotswolds and London.  I welcome students of any age or ability and I also organize small group meetings, community performances,  workshops and participation in music festivals. I am interested in developing interest and promoting growth in learning the accordion generally, particularly among young people.  I generally have around 10-15 regular students. The accordion can rival any other instrument in any musical genre and is incredibly versatile –  through learning to play it you will discover all sorts of aspects of life you never knew existed!

I also have experience working in SEN and PMLD education and for the RNIB. Please message for further details.

Student Area

I work with most genres of music: classical, jazz, French, Italian, Klezmer, world music, folk, and students’ own music.  I use a variety of teaching methods and materials with notation or aurally.

Here are some of the things I regularly deal with in accordion lessons:

  • Posture, holding the instrument and instrument control
  • Manipulating the bellows, bellows exercises and control
  • Developing use of the left hand standard bass combined with music theory
  • Improvisation and Ornamentation
  • Arrangements of pieces for accordion in many different styles for beginners to advanced students
  • Jazz harmony
  • Folk and world music rhythms

Chanson 48 Bass Accordion

Excelsior 120 Bass Accordion

Notable recent achievements of some students:

JM  took accordion as performance choice for A level music and got full marks, now working as a professional musician

ML participated in International Festivals in Italy aged 12, won his school music scholarship prize and started learning at the Royal Academy of Music

JY learnt to play a range of tunes as part of Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award

If you are a student you can enter the Student area with your password to download resources.

Please use the contact page to message me if you are interested in lessons or workshops.

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